• Everything is on Youtube; Even the Bathroom Sink

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    Today was a day for odd jobs around the house. The biggest jobs were replacing some taillights in the old Honda and unclogging the sinks in the girl’s bathroom. Removing the traps on the sinks is pretty straight forward. However, our house has PVC plumbing which is getting older and brittle. In the past, we’ve had plumbers warn us to be careful with repairs. As such, I was a bit cautious and didn’t want to dig right in. Instead, I looked on Youtube for examples of people successfully doing this repair. Amongst the many options available, I settled on the series from “VideoJoeKnows.” In his multi-part unclogging a bathroom sink drain series, he not only shows how to take the sink apart and put it back together, but also provides many tips and things to look for and avoid. The 30 minutes or so watching these videos prepared me for the job which thankfully was successfully completed without incident or flooding. (Flooding would have been an unfortunate repeat of an incident by a professional in our house a couple of years ago…)
    As every car seems different regarding how to get to the taillights, and some I’ve seen are a bit tricky, earlier this week I looked on Youtube regarding how to get at them on the Honda. While there weren’t videos for the exact model we have (it’s getting old) there were similar ones. As it turns out, the taillights on the Honda are super accessible. So today all I had to do was drive to the local Napa and pick up the lights and pop them in. As it turned out, 3 of the 4 bulbs were out.
    I’m probably the last one on the planet to realize this, but there is vast amount of educational content on Youtube. From home repairs to circuit design (I love the EEVBlog channel; You go Dave!), when used with focus, Youtube is a great learning tool.

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