• Moneyball

    by  • May 11, 2013 • Gadgets • 0 Comments

    I just finished reading Moneyball. That isn’t a big deal as most people that have read Moneyball finished reading it a decade or so ago‚Ķ What makes this a bit unusual is this was the first book I read entirely on my phone. Typically I read books on a Kindle or the Kindle App on an iPad. I would read on the iPhone if I had a few minutes here or there, but not for extended periods of time. I figured that the iPhone display was too small for reading an entire book. After completing Moneyball, I have to say that was a misconception. When given the option, I prefer the larger display on the Kindle or iPad, but will no longer avoid reading on the iPhone. There are just too many instances when I have the opportunity to read, but don’t have a Kindle or iPad with me. However, in those situations I always have my phone.

    I’m traveling this week, so will probably have ample opportunity to read on my phone again. However, I am brining an iPad to use on the plane.

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