• World Golf Hall of Fame

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    World Golf Hall of Fame Logo

    I just listened to Fred Couples on the local sports radio talk show. (Mitch in the Morning on KJR.) Fred was on to talk about his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame on Monday evening. His induction is news in Seattle since Fred grew up in Seattle. As a kid he trained...

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    50 & Counting

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    Rolling Stones Tongue Logo

    Last weekend The Rolling Stones kicked off their 50 & Counting tour in Las Angles and Oakland. Looking at the set lists from the shows, I know I would have enjoyed the shows even if they haven’t been critically acclaimed. But even as mentioned in the review, one doesn’t go to a Stones show perfection...

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    2013 Opening Day

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    2013 Opening Day

    Tomorrow is the opening day of boating season in Seattle hosted by the Seattle Yacht Club. Opening day held on the first Saturday in May. The first Opening Day occurred a hundred years ago in 1913. Typically opening day falls on a cold and rainy day, but that hasn’t proved to dampen the festivities....

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    First Game of the Season

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    Sahalee Logo

    This morning I ventured out to Sahalee for my first golfing of the season. It was a perfect morning and the course wasn’t crowded making for a very pleasant outing. Even though I only played 9 holes it was good to get out. I didn’t hit the ball too well, but it wasn’t terrible...

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    May Day

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    May Day

    Today is May Day. A day traditionally devoted to festive celebrations for ringing in spring. However, in Seattle, May Day is also Protest Day. Unfortunately these protests have too often turned violent leading to investigations of alleged wrongdoings and unpreparedness by the Seattle police. This has even lead to the creation of Seattle’s own...

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    Making an Autopilot

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    Last week I wrote how I was heading to southern California to test some software I wrote for iPhones/iPads which controls an electric boat. Unfortunately on that trip we had to focus on a bit lower level efforts to finalize the Bluetooth v4.0 protocol and ensure data and commands were being transferred properly between...

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    There Blaming the Wrong Guy

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    Tiger's Drop

    After listening to and reading countless stories regarding Tiger’s drop at the Masters and how he should have withdrawn from the tournament, I have to think “Get off your high horse.” (Although this petition site only received 22 signatures.) After the committee cleared Tiger to play, he should have played; just like he did....

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    Heading to Southern California

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    Later today I head down to southern California to work on the electric boat project I’ve been involved with. The boat is a kayak being developed by Volt Boats. I’ve been working to add a Bluetooth® interface to allow controlling it from an iPhone. I’ve done development with a simulator I also created. This will...

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    Penalty Happy Masters

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    Masters Logo

    Friday’s rounds at Augusta National lead to a couple of highly visible penalty assessments. The first of the day was against the youngest player ever to compete in The Masters, Tianling Guan. Guan was penalized a stroke for playing too slowly. While it seems like every golfer at this level plays incredibly slowly, when...

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    Championship Game Tonight

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    So we are down to two; Louisville whom everyone expected to be here and Michigan who very few did. The Big East against the Big Ten, the two best conferences in the game this year. From the tournament games I’ve watched, it appears that Louisville doesn’t start playing until the last 5-10 minutes of...

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